Let’s face it, the teen years are frustrating. You are too old to be content with the pocket money your parents dole out and you are too young to do a job that pays high enough for all your needs and wants. Even if you find a job, most employers will not employ anyone younger than a freshman in high school so it can be tough to have enough pocket money to spend. One solution to this is to found your own ‘company’ with some like-minded friends and do your own thing. Here are some ideas for reliable company you can found:

Cleaning and Chores

Under most international labour laws, children are not allowed to work in any capacity so this might be a hard sell. But if you have a ‘sensible work’ policy and a rate card, you may be able to convince your neighbours to hire you and your friends to do smaller chores, like pick up dry cleaning, weed flower beds, mow the lawn, dust carpets etc. A cleaning company would be an ideal way to make money, and you can make a rate card with a list of the chores you will do and payment for each. Remember that things like vacuuming a house or cleaning bathrooms might be in contravention of labour laws, but picking fruit or washing a car may not be. Who knows? Maybe you can turn it into an actual company someday.


Baby Sitting and Tutoring

Ok so The Babysitter’s Club (by author Ann M. Martin) actually thought of this first, but it is a great way to earn money if you like small children and can handle them well. All you need is a phone line or email for clients to contact you when they want, and someone who is responsible and organized to man the schedules of all the members to ensure there are no collisions with after-school activities and baby-sitting appointments. With the smallest children, you might also want to offer house cleaning services Dubai because there will be a mess by the end of the day – for extra charge of course. You can also tutor older kids in subjects they find difficult in school.

Creative Arts and Crafts

Many stationary shops and bookstores feature handmade and drawn greeting cards, for which they pay exorbitant prices. If you and a group of creative friends can negotiate with the owners and/or managers, you can make cards and sell them to the shops. There will certain parts of the year such which will require additional work to keep up with the demand, such as holidays and special days (like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day). If you can keep up with the demand and also produce high-quality stuff, you have a line of revenue that will keep your wants and needs covered.