Before going through to get to the Himalayas, you need to get through a couple of great ranges of mountains. And one of these mountain ranges that you should try is definitely the Rila mountain range. The highest peak of this mountain range is Musala, which stands at 2925 m above sea level. Rila, although not the highest in Europe, comes recommended for those who want to get into mountaineering as a hobby. Rila mountain range has gorgeous views, easy access, and also the best teaching ground for newbies.

The gorgeousness of this mountain range

To get to Rila, you would need to contact your travel agency and get through with the Bulgaria immigration visa first of all. This beautiful mountain range, with its name translating roughly to ‘well-watered mountain’ comes with its own hot springs and glacial lakes accessories. You can only try out the ones which are already commercialized though. Rila has its own national park as well, so you can always get the help of a guide when you are going up. There are waterfalls, deep canyons, precipices, rock faces and steep hills, along with caves and such assorted geological features that are ripe for exploring.


Timing your vacation to Rila

Typically the weather on Rila behaves as that on the Alpine Range Mountains. You get the precipitation, but it’s mostly covered in snow. The month of February is notorious for its cold temperatures, with the highest heat coming to the mountain range during August. Although it is not recommended to go to the mountain range during winter (freezing winds and avalanches galore during this time) as snow will be present most of the year, you should probably gear yourself up for anyway. You can ski at Rila mountain range as well, along with enjoying other snow-related sports.

Booking your accommodation

After you have gotten your Bulgaria immigration visa and your entry to the country gets the green light, then you need to get booking. There are multiple chalets, hotels, resorts and also high-mountain shelters available readily within the mountain range. You have Rila broken down into phases (five of them) depending on the direction of the mountain. Most of the lodgings in the area are pretty high end, and will have any sort of snow-related and winter-related sports and amusements available. Read this article to gain ideas about the certifies services of the best immigration consultants that offers processing of travel applications.

As the mountain range is pretty close by to the country’s capital, Sofia, you can access most of the high-end accommodation and lodging straight from the airport. And they also arrange transport to and from your transport hub of choice. The timing for climbing ranges is from mid-June to mid-September, accompanied by professionals for optimal experience.