The perfectly chosen party activity can make your party an event that the guests find memorable and enjoyable, so if you want to deliver an unforgettable evening for them as well as for the guest of honor, all you have to do is carefully curate the activities that you include. Coordinating both activity and theme will result in a coherent and aesthetically pleasing party, which can be an important consideration when it comes to said event being enjoyable. The venue as well as the expected number of guests is also important when it comes to deciding which types of activities to include, so take all of these elements plus more when it comes to organizing the activities. With this in mind, here are some activity ideas that you can implement at a birthday party.

Install a photobooth or a hashtag printer

Dial up the fun and levels of engagement at your party by having a photobooth where your guests can pose for goofy photos with their friends and create a lasting keepsake of an exciting evening. Given that a photobooth usually comes bedecked with a either drapes or a red carpet, it can act as an accompaniment to the theme of the party as well. This would mean that the party decorations would need to conform to a rather regal and sophisticated theme as well. Alternatively, you can have a movie night themed party, given the campiness of this activity.


Basically, the variations of the party decorations Australia that can accompany a photobooth are nothing short of endless. Instagram or hashtag printers also serve as excellent supplements to social media themed parties for your average millennial; guests can upload photos of themselves enjoying the party under a unique party hashtag to Instagram, and the printers can immediately deliver physical copies of these photos for them as a keepsake. Not only will this activity add an extra dimension of fun to the party, your guests will be able to keep themselves even through the possible low points at the event. Visit this page for more info.

Organize a treasure hunt

For a more adventurous option, you can organize a treasure hunt that will allow your guests to traipse through significant locations of the city. Not only will this be a challenging activity for everyone, but it will also enable your guests to break the ice easily and socialize without any of the awkwardness of small talk. After engaging in this vigorous activity, your guests will have their appetites whetted appropriately for the meal that follows, so make sure that you provide a suitably filling repast if you decide to include a treasure hunt at your party.