Have you kept promising yourself that this was the year that you would really get yourself back in shape and that you would find a fitness regimen and then stick to it? Are you still getting started? Here are some great suggestions for how to start and stick to a fitness routine.

Find your jam

A fitness routine that you detest will be hard to stick to. You need to find a sport or activity that you are excited to do – there are so many alternatives to running and walking today. You could cycle, or take a dance class or even yoga. Again, the options are endless – with dance you have barre classes that focus on strengthening and toning your muscles, you have Zumba which incorporates dance and aerobics so that you get a full body work out. Try out a few things and see what works best for you. Some people like doing Zumba or yoga at home with the help of a video but for others a group class feels more motivational and if you are competitive a group might be best as you will be pushing yourself to keep up with them. Your exercise time should not be tedious. It should be something you look forward to!


Eating healthy

An absolutely important aspect of your fitness routine is to eat healthy and make sure that your body receives all the right nutrients. This does not mean that you need to cut out all your junk food and guilty pleasure foods – just make sure that those become occasional treats and not your food norm. You could for instance have a breakfast smoothie full of fruits yogurt and you could even add some supplementary goodness – run a search for buy creatine Australia and get some protein powders to add to your meals.

You may also have noticed packs labelled buy creatine Australia at the supermarket – try one out – it’ll help add a little extra to your diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and make sure you also get plenty of protein and calcium – a glass of milk and some fish for dinner instead of mac and cheese could go a long way.

Sticking to it

The trick to sticking to a fitness routine is to not overdo it. For instance if you are running, start by doing 5 blocks or running for 15 minutes and then walking back. You need to feel the burn but not to the point where you do not want to go back the next time.