It gets quite dull to have the same interiors very day and sometimes we need a creative project at home to busy ourselves with away from the demanding turmoil of daily life. Remodeling a home does not have to be an expensive exercise or require professional designers to do it for you. Here are a few tips to follow when remodeling your home next time.

Declutter – We tend to collect souvenirs over the years. Be it from our travels abroad and at home or a card from a child on mother’s day or a dish some aunt of someone’s gave ten years ago. Although they all have a lot of sentimental value, they tend to take up a lot of valuable space in a home. Once in a while sort through all the stuff at home and really think about what you need. Buried under all the old newspapers and clothes no one wears, there may be some hidden gems that will bring a whole new look to your home.


Color Themes – This is a very subjective area. While some prefer a neutral palette with a modernist touch, others like a cozier warmer environment with bright colors and prints. Whatever your preference may be, try to mix and match a few colors and if you are going on a more two toned theme, try to mix different textures to make the space more exciting and reduce monotony. Overuse of colors and textures can also be stifling so always be careful when using multicolor, especially in a small apartment room.

Fabrics – The use of fabrics add a feminine elegance to a room with their soft draping edges. Any room can be made brighter and complete with a simple curtain design of other a sheer material or thick rich material. Especially in bathroom designs Dubai, the use of a simple curtain, rugs, placement ad color of towels and robes can add color and excitement, which is a much simpler change when compared to refitting all tiles and fixtures.

Furniture – Try to maintain furniture at a minimum especially in apartments. A few tasteful pieces help make a room feel more spacious and can be easily maneuvered through. This also helps when you have small children or pets or a very busy schedule as there is less to dust and clean and more open space to work with.

The above are just a few simple things to start you off on. Within each category itself there are a wide variety of choices to select from. Hope you enjoy pouring over hundreds of fabric and color samples, sifting through furniture shops and creating a masterpiece of every room in the house.