If you are having a weekend off, then surely you need something fun to do and keep you occupied instead of lazing around the whole day. The weekdays might have been hectic and you want to start a better week with a better mood after some fun and refreshing activities. So, want some ideas on what to do during the short holiday? Check the list below.

Take a long drive

Bored of staying indoors and doing nothing? Then, plan to go on a long drive to a city that you have never been able to visit or to a far point of interest. It can be to an art gallery, museum or even to a famous street or a beach. Make your long drive fun with some fun vehicle activities too. You can have a movie screen fixed to watch your favorite movies and also don’t forget to take lots of snacks and beverages to fill the random hungry tummies.

Go camping

You can see for a good camping site only to make an early booking. It’s always great to sit by the camp fire drinking hot chocolate and eating smores to the lovely tunes of the guitar music. Bring back the days when you went camping at school with your friends. Say “no” to technology and enjoy the nature’s gifts to you with open arms. It’s not every day you get to take long walks in the forests and do some hiking.


Plan a day trip

You can plan a trip to one of the must-visit places in your area or out of your city. Check online for such places. It’s easy as that. You can also check for accommodation if you are wishing to stop by and relax. Whether you are visiting a historical place or a famous landmark accompanied by sightseeing Great Ocean Road day tours, make sure you take maps and other necessary sources to find these places. It’s easy if you can contact a tour service which will help you to pick a destination and visit them all just in one day with added facilities like food, tour guides, and comfortable transport.

Do some sightseeing

Select places that are worth sightseeing. You can use public transportation for a change instead of driving to the place. Check online for other activities you can do in the area and places you can visit. Enjoy the street food and beverages while you stop at different places. Some of us are really good at these long walks along the boulevards and picking places for sightseeing. For a better change, you can do some night sightseeing as well. Melbourne is a famous city for its nightlife. You can check into cool local bars and pubs for some live music and a couple of drinks.